Wednesday, September 10, 2008

big brother

york street, sydney cbd

"for the first time ever he felt like a stranger in his own city, the dark, cloudy sky mirroring his own inner turmoil as he skulked the streets of a once familiar place. he felt as if he were being watched and as he glanced around he caught sight of the loudspeakers. they seemed to complete the picture in his mind, that of an orwellian nightmare."

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RebeccaOfSunnyBrookFarm said...

Inner turmoil, and ability to remember how the streets were previously would only exist in schizoid individuals who would not have ability to think and reflect on these several differences; it is not possible with turmoil.
Turmoil renders the individual focused on something which at the same time makes the subject not able to incorporate the notion of stranger, nor either to apply it to himself, as in turmoil one is only able to see part-objects, for example the loudspeakers, but not if there were really loudspeakers there -if there were real loudspeakeres there then the subject is reality testing successfully.
great poem.