Tuesday, August 5, 2008

sunken wrecks

river's side, sydney

"the water was calm, smooth, silky, a perfect counterpoint to his own roiling insides. it felt that there was no emotion that he had not gone through over the last few days. but as is often the case, there was one emotion that we invariably all fixate upon, acceptance. as he walked along the banks of the river and cast his eyes upon the rusting hulk of a shopping trolley he too thought about his own wreck, laying wasted and rotting in the depths of his mind."


Burd Zel Krai said...

finally you've returned! :)
colors of this photo are what got me.
ostensibly green, but there are dashes of blue and purple in there too.
subtle, handsome... nice job.

It's Time to Live... said...

works and image are well done.